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Updated: Mar 1, 2020

Horrified:Universal Monsters


MSRP: $44.99

1-5 players

Ages: 10+

60 minute playtime

Dice Rating: 6 pips/ 1 play/ 2.13.2020

Ever wanted to be the hero in an old time horror movie? Does rescuing innocent villagers from blood sucking Dracula or capturing the invisible man sound like an exciting adventure for you and your friends? Well grab a torch and some wolfsbane, because Horrified will have you running all over to find all the items you need to save the town, keep it's inhabitants alive, and protect yourself from being sent to the hospital.

A city screams in terror! A cooperative game against the world’s most famous monsters. The village is under attack! Dracula, The Mummy, Frankenstein’s Monster, his Bride, and more are on the rampage, and your team of heroes must defeat them. Each monster offers an entirely unique challenge, and players can adjust the difficulty by playing against a new group of adversaries every game! Overcome them all before the horror overwhelms you!


Horrified: Universal Monsters gave us a chance to dive into the world of classic movie monsters and work together to save the villagers as one of the hero's. We followed the suggested setup for first time players, putting us up against Dracula and the Creature from the Black Lagoon. The directions were straight forward and had us up and ready in no time. During play, we only needed to check the rule book a few times to recheck we were doing things right, but only a few. At first, game play was easy. Getting the items we needed and avoiding the monsters was no problem. We even made a lot of progress towards smashing all of Dracula's coffins. However that all changed about mid way through, As villagers started appearing, the monsters started making things difficult. Now we not only had to watch out for ourselves and pick up items, we had to save the villagers from attacks. Towards the end of the game, we were starting to feel the adrenaline rush. The monster phase's started reversing all the progress we did before against the Creature from the Black Lagoon. At games end however, we were able to pull through, defeating both monsters and saving the villagers. Well, some of the villagers anyway. We are defiantly looking forward to bringing this to the TableTop again soon! It should prove to be a horrifying experience.


  • Cooperative play- great for families allowing them to work together instead of competing. You all win or lose together in this game.

  • Theme- For those who like the old time "horror" movies and characters, this is perfect.

  • Not to Scary- There is no blood and gore, evil demons, or nightmare incurring scenarios. Just monsters chasing you and the villagers. Although, when a monster does attack, villagers do die.

  • Difficulty control- You can choose what monsters and how many to play against. A great option for when your playing with new people or need to really challenge your group.

  • Randomness- Because you don't know what monster card is coming, or if all the items you need will be available when you need them, the game will always play different. Sometimes luck will be on your side, others you will be sweating all the way.


  • Theme- May be a little scary to younger members.

  • Cooperative play- One downside to cooperative games is sometimes you get the "game boss" who wants to tell everyone what to do. This can ruin the game for others. Just try to ask for everyone's opinion, then vote on what to do, but ultimately it should be the player who's turn it is who gets to make the final decision.

  • Replay- Although we see this having a lot of replay ability, we see that eventually you will tire of playing the same monsters over and over. This is nothing against the game itself, but we hope personally they add some expansions with new monsters.

And that's it. Horrified: Universal Monsters. A 6 pip Dice Rating from our First Play.

Now go make some snacks, power off the technology, and gather together for a few games at the table.

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