Revisiting: Dice Forge🎲

Dice Forge


MSRP: $39.99

2-4 players

Ages: 10+

45 minute playtime

Dice Rating: 5 pips/ 3 plays/ 3/1/2020

Tired of your everyday life? Think that you could be so much more if only you were given a chance? Well, how about trying out to be a demigod? In Dice Forge, you have been given that chance. All you have to do is role for blessings, make offerings to the gods, perform heroic feats, and be better in the end than your opponents.

Greetings, mortal! You have ascended into the divine realms, and here, among the celestial islands, your mettle shall be tested with the utmost rigor. Only the mightiest heroes shall pass all challenges and craft their own destiny, rising to become a demigod. Make your own luck and quest for the favor of the gods with Dice Forge, a game of crafting dice and heroic deeds!


Dice Forge is an easy to play, light strategy game using special dice to receive blessings. These blessings can be used to buy new die faces to customize their die or choose to do heroic feats to gain different abilities. The instructions are easy to read and the layout will get you started quickly, guiding you through your first game. It's small booklet won't have you searching through dozens of pages to find answers to rule questions either. The artwork is absolutely beautiful and covers every piece of the game from the cards and die faces to the box itself. The customizable dice are the main unique draw to the game, but every game piece is great quality and colorful. That being said, die faces and score keeper blocks are definitely going to keep younger players away. You will also need to make sure to keep an eye on flying die faces when changing them. We also noticed the cards started bowing making them slide and turn on smooth surfaces. The normal resolve for this is to sleeve your cards, but if you do, they wont fit nicely in their board slots anymore. Dice Forge has one of the most thought out storage designs we have come across. Everything has a place, keeping them separated for easy setup and in game play. Seriously, there are instructions on how and where to store everything in the box.


  • Instructions: Very easy to follow.

  • Game Pieces: Quality game pieces

  • Storage: Great storage container

  • Artwork: Visually pleasing with great character artwork and colors.


  • Small pieces: Easy to loose and not good for younger players.

  • Card bowing: Cards will start to bow slightly.

And that's Dice Forge. We admit this game may spend to long on the shelf, but we really enjoyed revisiting and playing a few games. It may be time to try it's recently released expansion (2019) and see what changes it brings to the game.

Now go make some snacks, power off the technology, and gather together for a few games at the table.

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