Dwarves in Trouble is an easy and dynamic non- collectible card game. The participants play the role of dwarf treasure seekers who decided to pay a visit at a dragon’s den while the dragon was away. They managed to get inside. Unfortunately, while they were plundering the treasure, the dragon return unexpectedly. Certainly, it will not be polite towards anybody caught stealing its possessions. It is a common knowledge that dwarfs tend to be greedy and it would be considered a dishonour to simply throw away the precious stuff. For that reason you need get rid of the treasure in a clever way…. The aim of the game is to dispose of the gold completely or to have the fewest Gold coins the moment the Dragon arrives. As we know, dragons have the sixth sense that helps them localise gold and valuables. The dragon will focus on the most greedy treasure hunters. The arrival of the beast will cause such a confusion that only one dwarf will be able to escape and others will be burnt to ashes.

Dwarves in Trouble

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