A new way of playing Love Letter


In the 1920s, the world is still in the chaos of the First World War. In the middle of all this, one  of your relative has encountered something mysterious in Egypt. Strange shadows that come to life... Letters with undecipherable texts and strange symbols... Relics of inestimable value and great danger.


Upon arriving you find out he is missing and decide to investigate. Never would you have expected the horror that awaits you…


Lovecraft Letter is a game of risk, deduction and luck that uses the award-winning Love Letter engine. 2 to 6 players embark on a quest to find a relative of theirs. But there are many obstacles, none of which more daunting that the insanity contained in some of the clues your relative left behind.


Will you achieve your quest, or fall into insanity in the process?

Lovecraft Letter

SKU: 7-29220-05123-3
    • Players: 2-6
    • Ages: 14+.
    • Time: 10 min